Loneliness affects the health of the elderly.

Nobody decides to be alone.

Welcoming is the need that all people have.

10% of the elderly suffer from malignant loneliness, compromising their physical and emotional health.

70% have a serious health problem associated with loneliness.

30 million elderly (14% of the population Brazil).
Women 16.9 million (56% of the elderly).
Older men are 13.3 million (44% of the group).


The reduction of loneliness equals the health of the elderly.

Practicing a skill keeps body and mind healthy.

Good quality of life is to have social relations.

It is possible to generate income, occupy the mind and be even happier!

VoVs provide Resocialization and Propagation of Knowledge.

Traditional Cuisine | Maintenance of Old Electronics | Handwork and so many others that only time can explain.


Distributed System for Hiring Skills Practiced by the Elderly.
An intuitive and secure way to capture contractors and contractors.
Agile and dynamic search system that unites contractors and contractors with more affinity.
Trustworthy environment without intermediaries that provides fair remuneration.

You who in affective memory keep a Skilled Elder will relive strong emotions.

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